What Is An Episcopal Church?

To learn more about the Episcopal Church, please click this link for an informative essay on this topic from the website of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia: http://gaepiscopal.org/?page_id=336

The website of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia also has the texts of the core belief statements of the Episcopal Church: http://georgia.anglican.org/?page_id=339

If you’re not familiar with the word “Diocese” in the sentences above, it means a set of churches in a certain geographical district under the supervision of a bishop. St. Patrick’s is a member of the Diocese of Georgia, a group of 70 Episcopal churches in the southern half of Georgia. The Episcopal churches in the northern half of Georgia are members of the Diocese of Atlanta. Our bishop is the Right Reverend Scott A. Benhase, and our diocesan headquarters building is located at 611 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA.