Online Photo Albums


St. Patrick’s uses the Picasa online photograph service to store and display photographs of church events. Other photographs are also available at our Facebook page. Individual photograph albums are listed below: click on any image to see the full album associated with that event or other theme.


After Hurricane Matthew blew through in October, the St. Patrick’s community joined forces with the Pooler Catholic Community to clean up the our land!


On Saturday October 15, St. Patrick’s celebrated the Feast of St. Francis by offering a Blessing of the Animals at TailsSpin Pet Store in Pooler.


On the Second Sunday of the Season of Easter we held our rescheduled Easter celebrations! We celebrated with a Bounce House, an Easter Egg Hunt, and our regular First Sunday Brunch!


Easter Day, March 27, was rainy, but St. Patrick’s still celebrated! After the Flowering of the Cross and festive worship, the children took part in a scavenger hunt that led to Easter baskets!


On Sunday, February 7, the Right Reverend Scott Benhase, Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia, came to lead us in worship at St. Patrick’s. During his visitation the Bishop presided at Baptism, Confirmation, and Reception into the Episcopal Church. After worship, the community gathered for a delicious meal together.


On Sunday, January 3, St. Patrick’s gathered in the evening for the Burning of the Greens. Christmas Trees and other greenery were offered up in a bonfire as we celebrated the Christmas Season!


On Sunday, November 22, St. Patrick’s celebrated the Sunday before Thanksgiving with a Thanks-Giving Feast of our own. Our younger children decorated the church with an Altar frontal with their images of Giving Thanks, our older children offered the story of the Good Samaritan, and we all wrote things we are thankful for and placed them on our Thanks-Giving Tree.


On Sunday, October 18, 2015 St. Patrick’s celebrated the baptism of James Lee Gillenwater!


On Sunday, September 20, our children assembled gift bags for those in need and then heard the story of the Good Samaritan.


On Friday, September 18, St. Patrick’s gathered for a game night and potluck, just to spend time playing together!


On Sunday, August 2, we celebrated the summer with a pool party for children and adults!


Our Vacation Bible School took place, June 8-12, 2015!


On May 24, 2015 we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost and the Baptism of Analisa and Layla Kirkland!


During Holy Week we walk the Way of the Cross, following the life of Jesus from his Entry into Jerusalem, through the Last Supper, Jesus’ Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion, and into the Great Mystery of Easter itself.


On the final Sunday before Epiphany, St. Patrick’s gathered in the evening to celebrate our annual Burning of the Greens with a potluck supper and a Christmas Tree Bonfire!


The children led us on the Journey to Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, telling and showing the Christmas Story in our Pageant.


On the Fourth Sunday of Advent we prepared the sanctuary for the Christmas Celebrations, while the children practiced for the Christmas Pageant to be held on Christmas Eve.


On Tuesday, December 14, St. Patrick’s women gathered at Joshua & Elizabeth Varner’s home for the annual ECW Holiday Party and Cookie Exchange.


On Sunday December 7, Bishop Benhase visited St. Patrick’s for his annual Bishop’s visit. On this occasion 5 people chose to renew their commitment to God through Confirmation and the Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows. They are pictured with their families, with Deacon Patti Davis, with Joshua, and with Bishop Benhase.


On Sunday November 30, many people stayed after the service to create their own Advent wreaths to take home.


St. Patrick’s was a sponsor of the Pride of Pooler 5K and Fall Festival, a fundraising event for Pooler Elementary School. Our booth offered activities for children and information about St. Patrick’s.


On St. Francis’ Day, Saturday, October 4, people from St. Patrick’s and from the Pooler community came to St. Patrick’s Blessing of the Animals at Pooler Park.


On Saturday September 13, 2014 members of St. Patrick’s gathered to care for our land and buildings. We cleaned, washed windows, polished brass, mowed grass, and much, much more.


We celebrated the end of summer with a pool party and potluck lunch!


On Easter Day we heard the story of Easter, celebrated by flowering the cross, and had an Easter Egg Hunt and a Bounce House for children!


In preparation for Easter, St. Patrick’s gathered on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and for the Easter Vigil on Saturday night.


On Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014 St. Patrick’s parishioners began worship outside before processing into the church with palm leaves, remembering Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.


On Saturday March 22, 2014 St. Patrick’s parishioners spent the morning caring for the buildings and grounds. Windows were cleaned, brass was polished, pine cones and pine needs were raked up, underbrushed was cleared, and everyone had a great time!


On February 16, 2014 our children gathered for their monthly Sunday School session. They ate together, sang songs, and heard the Godly Play story of the Mystery of Easter, and created their own cross puzzles to take home with them.


The Burning of the Greens, our traditional end to the 12-day Christmas Season, took place on the evening of January 5, 2014. Parishioners brought their Christmas trees and other greens and created a great bonfire to celebrate the end of the season!


On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013, St. Patrick’s children led the community on the journey to Bethlehem.


On All Saints’ Sunday, November 3, St. Patrick’s parishioners remembered all those we love. We created an Altar of Remembrance by lighting candles, placing photographs, and writing names of those who have died.


On Saturday October 4, St. Patrick’s parishioners celebrated the Feast of St. Francis with a Blessing of the Animals.


On the Feast of Pentecost, Sunday May 19, St. Patrick’s parishioners heard the story of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Celebrated the Baptism of Kennedy Elaine Buhl.


On Sunday April 28, our children gathered to sing songs, do crafts, and hear the story of the Books of the Bible and the Circle of the Church year.


On Saturday, April 14, St. Patrick’s folks gathered to tend to the land and buildings. We gathered yard waste, collected pine cones, planted flowers, and lots more…


Our Easter Celebrations, worship, fellowship, and an Easter Egg Hunt, were fun for everyone!


St. Patrick’s parishioners gathered on Palm Sunday to celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, and to hear the story of the Way of the Cross.


After our Palm Sunday service, the children of St. Patrick’s gathered for a Sunday School story about Easter Eggs and the meanings of symbols and colors used in their traditional decoration.


On St. Patrick’s Day, the children and adults of St. Patrick’s Church heard the story of their patron saint, including his childhood captivity in Ireland, his return their as Bishop, preaching the good news, and his Shamrock image for God as Trinity (three leaves in one plant, three Persons and yet still One God).


On February 12, 2013, Shrove Tuesday, members of St. Patrick’s gathered together for a traditional pancake supper, and then burned the palm leaves that were used in last year’s Palm Sunday celebrations. The ashes from that burning were then ground and used in the Ash Wednesday service the following evening.


On January 13, 2013 The Right Reverend Scott Benhase, Bishop of the Diocese of Georgia, joined St. Patrick’s for the Baptism of Peyton Kappel (pictured here with Bishop Benhase), and the Reception of Corey Gillenwater, Cleveland Beach, and Glenda Drossopoulos into the Episcopal Church. The festive afternoon service was followed by a pot-luck dinner.


On the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2013, the St. Patrick’s community gathered to celebrate the new season with a Christmas tree bonfire.


The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) held a cookie exchange on Thursday, December 6, 2012. The cookies were delicious, but more important was the fellowship and fun!


On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, November 18, 2012, St. Patrick’s celebrated a community Thanksgiving. We took time to remember all the gifts we have received, for which we offer thanks, and, with the help of our children, created a visual representation of that thanks. Each leaf on the tree something for which we are thankful written on it, to create the Thanks-Giving Tree.


On All Saints’ Sunday, November 4, 2012, the community remembered those who have died and celebrated the baptism of Cadence and Lillian Wood.


On Wednesday, October 31, 2012, Pooler Parkway was officially renamed in honor of the late Butch Chan, Pooler Chief of Police and leading member of St. Patrick’s. Many St. Patrick’s members were present for the ceremony at which the new signs for the road were officially unveiled. Laura Chan, St. Patrick’s Senior Warden from 2006-2012, is third from the right.


On Saturday, October 27, 2012, St. Patrick’s members came together for a Trunk or Treat festival for children.


On Sunday October 7, St. Patrick’s celebrated the Feast of St. Francis with a Blessing of Animals. Parishioners brought their pets to an outdoor service and made a joyful noise together!


After the service on Sunday September 30, St. Patrick’s held a Sunday School session modeled on our Vacation Bible School pattern. We sang songs, heard a story from the Bible, acted the story out, and created paper chains representing each of the children and the people who are part of their family.


On Sunday September 23, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) hosted a baby shower for St. Patrick’s members Sarah and Jason Luttrell.


On Saturday September 22, members of St. Patrick’s gathered to care for our land and buildings. Work included clearing pine trees and undergrowth, gardening, cleaning windows, closets, and kitchen, and much more. We concluded our time together with a great potluck feast.


On Sunday August 12, guest musicians Ben Brafford (keyboard), Jolynda Bowers, and John Cary led us in spirit-filled worship!


In mid-August the community gathered for a potluck dinner followed by a service of Evening Prayer.


St. Patrick’s Mid-Summer Celebration was a festive gathering of friends from near and far for worship, music from Vacation Bible School, and a true feast!


Our children and youth enjoyed music, games, stories, and crafts as part of our 2012 Vacation Bible School. Many thanks to our incredible adult volunteers who made it all happen!


Trinity Sunday was a moment of Creation, as St. Patrick’s youth and children offered an image of the Trinity using markers and the traditional Christian symbol known as the Triquetra. Click this image for more pictures from Trinity Sunday, June 3, 2012.


St. Patrick’s parishioners gathered for a Work Day, tending the grounds and creating new walking trails.  Click this image for more pictures from our May 17, 2012 Work Day.


Our church has ten acres of mostly wooded grounds, with walking trails through the woods immediately behind the church. Click this image to see other photographs of our church buildings and grounds.


The men of St. Patrick’s making breakfast on the first Sunday of the month.


Our children heard an Easter story during our worship service on Easter Sunday. Click this image to see other photographs from Easter Sunday.


Our church is located on ten wooded acres, and we enjoy the natural beauty of the site as we gather for worship and other events. Click this image to see other photographs from our church grounds and buildings.


Our children enjoyed many colorful crafts activities during our Vacation Bible School in June, 2011. Click this image to see other photographs from the 2011 Vacation Bible School.